Turn Water Into Money.

How much money do you spend on clean water?

A lack of access to clean drinking water is an issue that billions of people face all over the world.  In many places, people have to regularly pay for bottled or filtered water and that can get expensive very quickly. If a simple and convenient to use filter could eliminate the need to pay for water, how much is that worth?

Sawyer is the worldwide leader in water filtration. We recently designed two new filtration systems for personal and home use all around the globe. We believe that access to clean water is something that everyone deserves. This website was designed to help find people like you who can provide safe drinking water for your community.

This e-commerce site sells two different starter kits. A 16 pack of our home filtration systems and a 40 pack of our personal water filtration systems. Each of these kits offer you a unique opportunity to start your business while also allowing your community to save money on drinking water.

Available Products

Sawyer Home Water Filtration System

  • · Cleans 400,000 liters of water
  • · Attaches to faucets for home and group use

Sawyer Personal Water Filtration System

  • · Cleans 300,000 liters of water
  • · Replaces over 375,000 bottles of water
  • Heading 1


  • +Why is my country not available for registering?

    Sell.sawyer.com was created to help bring clean water around the world through small businesses in select countries.  This service is not currently available in every country.  If you are unable to register on our site,  please email us at internationalsales@sawyer.com for more information on how to place an order..

  • +Can this filter be used for salt water?

    No. These filters are designed for use with fresh water only.

  • +My pouch seems to be leaking water (holes in seams), how do I prevent this from happening in the future?

    Initial Wetting

    It is usually not the pouch causing the leak, it is usually the filter. Either the filter was not completely wetted at first point of use, or too much pressure has been applied to pouch during filtration process. Be sure to slowly squeeze the water through the filter, giving the filter fibers time to fully saturate. The initial flow rate may seem slow, but will increase as fibers become wetted.

    Back Flushing Process

    Back flush your filter (better and more often) using your syringe. You cannot hurt the filter fibers, so please be FORCEFUL in your back flush process. When using the syringe, do not be gentle, it will only form paths of least resistance instead of blowing out the particulates that may be trapped in your filter.

    Filter Application

    Do not overtighten the filter on the pouch. Overtightening can cause the o-rings to embed into the threads or lodge into the opening of the pouch. If an o-ring is out of place you may not a have a tight seal and water could leak out the bottom of the filter. Please watch our video on Important Squeeze Filter Tips to better understand how to care for your squeeze bags. Until you learn the perfect balance of force and cleaning, we recommend bringing a backup pouch with you on your trip.

    Torn Pouches

    Before the pouches leave our factory, they are 100% air-tested. While they are rugged, these pouches are not indestructible. They tear as a result of too much pressure being applied. This happens when water is forced through the filter too fast or when your filter needs cleaning, which creates more resistance. Do not squeeze the pouch hard or wring the pouch.